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Watermelon and Pomegranate to celebrate Persian Longest Night of the Year

I am slicing up watermelon cubes to bring to a party — not the usual dish for a December celebration, but this is a special event, the Persian fête for the longest night of the year, called Yalda. Knowing my … Continue reading

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Food Speaks in Many Tongues – Edible Idioms in 17 Languages

Porridge Head! Sweetie-Pie. Adaptable Tomato. Every language uses descriptive food phrases as insults, endearments, warnings and advice. Here is a smorgasbord of food metaphors and idioms in 17 languages including French, ASL, Danish, Chinese, German, Spanish, Turkish, Hebrew, Italian and Arabic Continue reading

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Persian New Year Greets Spring with Symbolic Traditions and Treats

Persian New Year (Norooz or Nowruz) is a 3000 year old celebration, observed around the world on the first day of Spring. Its many traditions include a table of 7 foods that start with “S” in Farsi, and jumping over bonfires. Monier Attar of Zands Market is busily preparing everything her Persian patrons will need for the holiday, from a creamy pudding of sprouted wheat to flower-shaped chickpea flour cookies. Continue reading

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Jeannette Jafarzadeh’s Journey to Middle East Market

The aromatic Persian bread baked by Ecuadorian-born Jeannette Jafarzadeh at Berkeley’s Middle East Market only hints at her two year detention in Iran. Continue reading

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Halvah Heritage

Halvah, or halva, is one of the world’s oldest sweets with variations in more than 30 countries. Two main types: made with semolina or sesame seeds. Continue reading

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