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Palestinian Family Shares Treasured Dishes at Zaki Kabob House

You’ve had falafel, you’ve had shawarma, but have you tried spheeha, maklouba or mensaf? Zaki Kabob House in Albany is one of the few restaurants that serves these specialties of Palestinian cuisine. Family-owned and run by Fayza and Kameem Ayyad and their children, Zaki offers tastes of another world, plus warm hospitality. Continue reading

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My Mom’s Chiles Rellenos – A Mexican Immigrant’s Story

Ten poblano chiles sit scorching on a comal (a flat Latin American griddle) on top of a small stove, filling the cozy apartment kitchen near Mills College with an enticing, spicy aroma. “I do it this way because when my … Continue reading

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“America is Food Heaven” – A Danish Immigrant’s story

Story of a Danish immigrant who falls in love with America’s bounty of ethnic restaurants, free coffee refills and hot fudge sundaes, but eventually misses a few tastes from home. Continue reading

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“Food Makes Friends” – a Turkish Immigrant’s Story

A Turkish immigrant to the Bay Area makes her family dolmas and borek and misses the bread of her homeland. By reaching out to people from different cultures in her new home, she discovers food can help make friends. Continue reading

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Jeannette Jafarzadeh’s Journey to Middle East Market

The aromatic Persian bread baked by Ecuadorian-born Jeannette Jafarzadeh at Berkeley’s Middle East Market only hints at her two year detention in Iran. Continue reading

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