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Buckwheat Crêpes and Bon Voyage

French buckwheat crepes (galettes) are savory, scrumptious and gluten-free Continue reading

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Vietnamese Crepes and Rolls – Light, Fresh and Gluten-Free

Vietnamese cuisine offers light and fresh foods with many rice-based, gluten free dishes like bahn xeo, a rice flour crepe and spring rolls wrapped in rice paper. Anh Hong restaurants are fun places to try this healthy cuisine. Continue reading

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A Case of Pupusa Love

Pupusas (grilled white maize meal stuffed with cooked pork, beans or cheese) are El Salvador’s national dish for good reason. Simple, but satisfying, served with tangy cabbage slaw (curtido). Continue reading

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Halvah Heritage

Halvah, or halva, is one of the world’s oldest sweets with variations in more than 30 countries. Two main types: made with semolina or sesame seeds. Continue reading

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Food, the Tie that Binds — (make that the ‘Thai’ that binds)

Berkeley’s Thai Temple Sunday brunch offers a bountiful feast of freshly made Thai dishes in casual and convivial company. Continue reading

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A Toast to Gløgg – A Danish Holiday Treat

Warm, spiced mulled wine — known as gløgg in Danish and glögg in Swedish is a traditional December drink. Often served with aeblskiver. Continue reading

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Home Cooking — Japanese Grandmother Style

Trust me, I could eat sushi everyday of my life. But on a dreary, wet, cold December afternoon, I crave a grandmother’s warm home cooking. My grandmother would whip me up some chicken soup and brisket at the drop of … Continue reading

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