Anna Mindess

My other job as a sign language interpreter, educator and author has taken me around the world, where I fell for hearty Danish rye breads, tackled platters of French shellfish and sampled improbable Japanese breakfast foods such as salted baby fish and fermented bean curds. I am a frequent contributor to KQED’s Bay Area BitesOakland Magazine, Alameda MagazineThe East Bay Monthly, Berkeleyside and other local publications, as well an adjunct faculty member at The California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, where I interpret for deaf students who are pursuing careers in the food industry. I live in Berkeley with my husband, and Skype with my daughter, who’s attending college in Vancouver.


10 Responses to Anna Mindess

  1. Tom Holcomb says:

    Looking forward to reading your critiques…

  2. Dear Anna,
    We recently re-opened Tanjia restaurant in Temescal (4905 Telegraph), under new ownership and management. We’d be thrilled to have you come explore our Moroccan haven for a fabulous feast, as you make your journey across the East Bay! We welcome you and all to experience the new Tanjia! Warm regards, The Owners.

  3. Tara Potterveld says:

    Your blog is amazing! The pictures and commentary are terrific. I was reminded that I ate Jook every morning when I was in China. It is a favorite, so I was excited to read your notes. I am looking forward to trying the other restaurants and tearoom that you described.

  4. John Wesley Tarver says:

    Hi! Anna,
    THANK YOU!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
    THANK YOU!!!… Thank you for the article you wrote on the Laney Bistro for Oakland Magazine.

    Since the article appeared we have gotten calls inquiring about reservations… We’ve also welcomed several walk-ins daily that mention the magazine… This past Thursday and Friday were our busiest days to date… We sat every table in the house including 2 extra tables that we had placed outside as decro…

    Thanks again,
    John Wesley Tarver
    – Bistro, floor manager

  5. Stefan says:

    Anna, this is a great blog! just a quick note to express my appreciation.

  6. Fharzana says:

    What a wonderful blog you have, Anna! Great articles!

  7. Fharzana says:

    Just saved your blog under ‘Sites I like’ in my blog 🙂

  8. Dear Anna, I got your name and site from Dianne Jacob. I created the Inside Scoop in the Chron in 1991, left after 16 years. I am also known for my KGO appearances and walking tours of SF nabes. Since 2009, I have published the Yummy Report, which goes out free to 19,000. A cple of issues ago, I thought I would spotlight interesting blogs. I’ve published Food Obsessed and Michael Procopios’. I write an intro and use an excerpt with links, of course. Your story on the Pacific Mall wd be good, because of all the East Bay people I have. And because I haven’t been there in awhile. If I had yr email, I cd send you a copy of Yummy. Best, GraceAnn

  9. jmbwphoto says:

    Hi – Can you tell me where I can purchase fresh made filo in the Bay Area? I called a place in Oakland you had mentioned in an old article but they no longer sell it ;(.

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